What is compounding and how can it benefit you?


Pharmacy compounding is the science of creating personalized medications to fit the patients' needs. Members of our staff are trained specifically in medication compounding.  We are able to make medications that help with hormone replacement for men and women, nausea, and pain right in our store!  

Many of the compounds we work with can be customized to suit your specific needs. Not all medications prescribed are one size fits all. We can compound medications as creams, troches, capsules, suppositories, and even lollipops!

All compounds are sold at cash price only but are reasonably and competitively priced.


Options include but are not limited to:

Promethazine Cream

Numbing Drops and Suckers

Testosterone for him


Fever Blister Chapstick

Hydrocortisone Suppositories

Progesterone Suppositories

Pain Creams

 Magic Mouthwash