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Here is our amazing staff members with quick read bios so our customers and come to love their smiling faces just as much as we do!

Nicole comes to us with eight years of experience as a technician and is also our compounding tech. If you need a prescription compounded, she's your girl! Nicole, we are so happy to have you! Thank you for everything you do!
Denise has been with us for going five years and is our go-to gal for pet supplies. If you've got a question about any of our pet-related products, she can answer it! She loves M&Ms and on the weekends she enjoys spending time with her family. Thank you Denise for everything you do!
Andi started out as a clerk with us and is now one of wonderful techs! Her favorite thing about working at Rx Shoppe is knowing that she is helping people everyday! Thank you Andi for being such an amazing team member!
Kaitlynn is one of our clerks. You may recognize her from Rapid Remedy where she works as a receptionist during the week. She loves macaroni & cheese and playing softball. ! Thank you Kaitlynn, for everything you do, and welcome to our team!
Lisa has been a pharmacist for 17 years. In her free time you can find Lisa going on adventures with her  daughter and fluffy puppy.
Thank you Lisa for being such an amazing team member! 
Teresa is our owner and operator. She has been a pharmacist for 23 years! In her natural habit you will find her enjoying coffee and snacking on dark chocolate. Thank you Teresa for everything you do!!
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